The key to the door!

I close and lock the door forever with the same key I once opened it with:

“I hope you get everything you actually deserve”

They just turn in opposite directions now.

Much love,

Nikita ♡

Apologies do come!

In life, apologies do come.

It can’t be said when, but they do come.

They just come years after you stopped expecting them. They come when you finally have made peace with yourself; sometimes even after you are no longer there to hear it.

They come in the form of a sudden text saying “I dreamt of us cooking and laughing together in kitchen. I miss you. I never stopped praying for you”

They come as a phone call “I saw your number in my mother’s phone and realised you were very kind to me. I just needed to tell you that”

They come as a sudden unblocking on all social media or maybe slowly one by one. As follow requesting you again, as likes or casual comments, or streaks?? snap. They come as a slight nod to you in the hallway or the stairs when you pass them or hides below a gentle a hand on your shoulder when they pass by.

It knocks on your door late at night when you finally started feeling comfortable enough in your bed. It makes you wonder whether opening up is worth the trouble or not.

I suggest you to open the door, let it in.

It may come in silent prayers that reach out for you but you never know.

So I urge you to stop waiting for them.

Remember, when we give from a place of love rather than expectations, more usually comes to us than we ever imagined.

Give the world the best you have and you’ll get kicked in the teeth;

Give your best anyway. ♥️

-Dr. Kent M. Keith

Keep walking ahead and spreading love!

Much love ♡

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